Accounting is much more than just collecting documents and adding them together. Its correct registration and interpretation are a fundamental part of the tasks to be carried out in an increasingly competitive environment for your business.

An asset places money in your pocket. A liability takes money out of your pocket

We will help you with the task of compiling, registering, classifying, summarizing and presenting the economic information of your company in accordance with current regulations.

Remember that financial accounting is intended to provide information to parties external to the organization, while managerial accounting information is intended to assist managers within the organization in making decisions.

Financial Accounting

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We will be your accounting advisor in all actions and tasks related to tax obligations that are defined by the tax regulations of our country.

Definition of Wealth: "Number of days you can survive without physically working while maintaining your standard of living"

We carry out all those actions and tasks necessary to comply with the tax obligations defined by the Tax Office.
We also take care of transaction records created based on tax criteria. On them we will make the calculations established by the tax regulations of the country.
You will receive advice and information that will help you understand your responsibilities and your tax situation, this will make you feel confident that you are fulfilling your obligations as an entrepreneur.


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We have extensive experience in the implementation of different systems.

Our experience in Information Technology together with our knowledge in accounting are the perfect mix to get you on the right track.

Technology is not good or bad. It has to do with how people choose to use it - {David Wong}

We provide advice when choosing and installing an electronic invoicing system according to your needs and budget. In addition, we train you in the legal, technical and security aspects necessary to carry out the billing process.
Whether you are using a billing system for the first time or want to change the current one, we can help you make the decision and successfully complete the learning curve.

Electronic Invoice

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Tax Return presentation

Month by month we deal with this task efficiently and in a timely manner. So you can focus on growing your business.

Long-term planning is not thinking about future decisions, but about the future of present decisions - {Peter Drucker}

Depending on the business you have and the type of transactions you carry out, you may be required to periodically submit information about those transactions and the corresponding taxes.

The most common declarations are, Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Real Estate Capital Income, among others.

Tax Return

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Learn who we are and our goals to help you and your team make better use of technology and increase its reach, productivity and efficiency to meet your goals.

Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master. - {Christian Lous Lange.}

Business Email.

Use your custom domain and own your email address. Make your business look professional with your own domain and build trust in your potential customers.

Consulting in Productivity Software.

We can advise you to automate and make more efficient any operation of your business, we focus on finding technological software tools that will help your company minimize the risks that threaten the productivity and security of your information or assets. </ p >

Barcodes for Inventory Management.

If what you need is a point of sale, and at the same time bar code the products you offer to the public, we can also help you with this.

IT Services

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