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We offer accounting and technology services for independent professionals and for small and medium-sized companies.

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Professionals with experience in Financial Auditing, Accounting and other related fields.

We provide a variety of services that will help your business comply with laws and requirements established by the government or a third party.All our services are oriented to help you achieve your business objectives,as well as discovering and minimizing the main risks that affect your business.

We want our clients to have security and peace of mind knowing that their accounting processes are in good hands.

Our main added value is to offer personalized services to all our clients, which is why we will get to know each other and work closely.




Electronic Invoices recorded


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Financial Accounting

Accounting is much more than just collecting documents and adding them together. Its correct registration and interpretation are a fundamental part of the tasks to be carried out in a competitive environment.

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Tax Accounting

We will be your accounting advisor in all actions and tasks related to tax obligations that are defined by the tax regulations of Costa Rica.

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Electronic Invoice

We train in legal, technical and security aspects necessary to carry out the Costa Rican electronic billing process.

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Tax Returns

Month by month we will deal with this task efficiently and in a timely manner. So you can focus on growing your business.

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We are here to help our clients and community
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The most frequent Q

Can you help me with the Electronic Invoice?

Of course we can help you. In fact, a large number of our clients once had problems and many doubts with the implementation and use of an electronic invoicing system.

With our training and comprehensive support, they not only resolved their doubts, but are now more efficient in the execution of all related tasks and, of course, they now pay less taxes since they record all expenses correctly.

Yes, we offer a free email consultation and if necessary a half-hour face-to-face for independent professionals and an hour for small businesses. The consultation is to collect information about you and your business. Generally, we can answer a few questions at that time and determine what actions are necessary for the benefit of your business.

If your business is small to hire an internal accountant or you just don't have the desire to do it yourself, you should consider outsourcing. While many small business owners use some software, it may be more complicated than previously thought. By outsourcing your accounting, you are free to focus on other aspects of your business.

Mixing business and personal finances is a major problem for small business owners. Not only does it create headaches at the time of taxes, but it also makes it difficult to track the profitability of your business. Keeping these two parts of your monetary life separate is essential to preserving your sanity and ensuring that you have a sustainable business model. Check these recommendations.

We serve clients in different parts of the country, so it's not something to worry about.

Many times you are effective and can prepare your tax returns. But did you take all deductions into account? Did you take the available tax credit? Did you attend a tax course in the last 12 months?



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